Men’s Civil War 4-Button Shirt

Item # MS001

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Description:  This is the shirt for any CW military or civilian man’s impression.  Both Union and Confederate soldiers might have worn shirts like this in lieu of, or in addition to, their military issue unbleached muslin shirt.  Civilian men of the time would have worn this for work, everyday, and business.  (A white shirt was proper for formal occasions.)    100% heavy cotton, period-correct, woven fabric with shell buttons and hand-sewn buttonholes, and back yoke.

Colors: red, blue, green, or brown
Patterns: checked, plaid, or striped
Sizes: Mens S,M,L,XL
(If you require a non-standard size, please select custom and include measurements on checkout page.)

Women’s Pinner Apron

Item #WA001

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Description: This apron is gathered, ties at the waist, with the bib designed to be pinned to your work dress with straight pins.  Gives full coverage to keep your dress clean, and has 2 roomy pockets.  (Dark red check shown.)  100% heavy period-correct cotton.

Colors: Please choose a basic color.  (Remember darker colors are more forgiving.)

Pattern: Choose a solid, check, plaid, or small print.

Size: Please include waist size, and desired length, or your height on the order page.